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A note from the Deputy Editor ... 13 February 2018

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At long last, this is it. It's our fourth edition and it's finally time for me to do the Editor's Note. I should have been spending months carefully crafting this note. I should know exactly what topic I want to write about, and eloquently have chosen the words.

Unfortunately, it's currently three minutes to one on Monday afternoon, as we go to print this evening. So much for making this perfect. I've just been too busy to do this. Nouse takes up a lot of time, as I'm sure everyone reading this is aware (I mean it's only members of the team and my mum who will bother to read this, surely?). It's almost like having a full-time job, once every three weeks, on top of the already jammed time-table that studying a BSc in Film and Television Production has given me. I'm also the President of VegSoc (promise I'm not trying to brag), so when you add all these commitments together the amount of free time I'm left with is basically only just enough to catch up on the previous day's EastEnders (no hate alright, it's lit).

I've only got myself to blame though: no one's forced me to do any of these things. I can't even really complain about the number of contact hours my degree has, as I knew full well how heavy it was when I applied for it. I wanted to be a filmmaker, so I chose my degree. I'm a raging vegan ("oh my god how do you know someone's vegan? Don't worry they'll fucking tell you hahaha lol") so I chose to run for VegSoc prez. I was interested in journalism - and now want to be a journalist (sorry to my degree and the £27 000 the government is spending on it) - so I became involved in Nouse, and, well, I'm now halfway through my tenure as Deputy Editor.

So, while I may moan that I'm so incredibly busy, I don't really regret it. I do all these things because I want to. As sixth-formers on open days, the one thing we're always told is to do a lot. Don't waste your time at university lying in bed, with your laptop balanced at a right angle as you scroll the web at 2am (although I do a lot of that too now that I think about it), but, if you want to and you're able to, get out and do something. What better training for the world of journalism could I have than running a uni paper? How better could I engage with an entire community of veggies and vegans than running their society?

And although it means that I was in the Nouse office until four last night and consequently woke up at half 11, missing this morning's contact hours (Simon, if you're reading this, sincerest apologies), it's some-thing I'm glad I've done. In the moment it may be frustrating and stressful, but at the end of each edition it's glorious. When's next prod week again? I'll try not to be so busy this time.

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