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YUSU Elections candidates announced as online campaigning commences

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Candidates running for positions in this year's YUSU Elections have been revealed. An overall total of 67 candidates are listed to be running in YUSU's official final candidate list, although some of these are running as pairs, and Nouse has been informed by some candidates listed on the final total that they have actually dropped out.

President is the highest contested Sabbatical position, with seven nominations listed on the official list. Cameron Partridge, Connor Middleton, Politics with International Relations student Hector Macduff, former James College JCRC chair James Durcan, Mario Banados Cornejo, current International Officer Muhammad Hassan, and Oscar Jefferson are contesting.

Partridge appears to be running as an unserious candidate, given that his policies include opposing dabbing. Last year's Presidential race apparently featured five joke candidates, as they advertised an event at the now Vanbrugh Arms, with their middle names spelling "V - Bar, Week 9, Saturday, 8.30pm, Free Entry". In 2008, joke candidate Mad Cap'n Tom Scott won the position of President, leading to the highest voter turnout in a Students' Union in the UK ever.

Student Activities Officer is this year contested by three candidates, URY Assistant Head of Marketing Jack Rewcroft, former Nouse Editor Finn Judge, and Vice-President and Treasurer of the University Darts Team Jack Worrall. Previous Activities Officers have come from prominent societies, with current Activities Officer Mikey Collinson a former PantSoc Chair, and his predecessor Alex Lusty being a former Editor of The Lemon Press.

Pairs contest the other Sabbatical roles. Current co-LGBTQ Officer Rowen Ellis and former James JCRC Community and Wellbeing Vice-Chair Steph (Effy) Hayle are going toe-to-toe for Community and Wellbeing Officer, while Nouse Comment Editor James Hare and PEP Department Rep Tomas Vieira Marques da Silva are the contenders for Academic Officer. Finally, York Sport Union treasurer Ryan Jago and tennis Vice-President Zac Sheppard are in the race for York Sport President.

Online campaigning opened at 9am on Monday, with hustings being held at 7pm Hendrix Hall. Physical campaigning opens 9am on Monday Week 7, later than last year, when physical campaigning opened immediately post hustings. A new rule this year also limits the amount of cardboard candidates can place around campus. Voting opens 9 am Monday Week 7, and closes 5pm on the Friday.

Community and Wellbeing Officer is the only Sabbatical position which has candidates who do not identify as cisgender men, meaning that next year's Sabbatical group is set to be comprised of four cisgender men. The current Sabbatical team is comprised of three males and two females, as was the previous year's.

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