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UKIP leader speaks out over sticker

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SENIOR MEMBERS of the UK Independence Party, including party leader Henry Bolton, have reacted angrily towards anti-UKIP propaganda that has recently appeared on the University of York campus, Nouse can exclusively reveal.

Photos reportedly emerged on Thursday 8 February of stickers plastered at various points around the University, that depict the UKIP logo obscured by a 'no smoking'-style warning bar, beneath which a statement reads "UKIP members are often vile, homophobic and racist". However, Nouse has also been informed by other sources that only one sticker was discovered.

Unsurprisingly, UKIP supporters in York have been keen to voice their disapproval at the campaign against their party. Abigail Eatock, speaking to Nouse in her capacity as Chair of the UKIP Society, was eager to condemn the stickers.

"I am deeply disturbed and appalled that intolerant and ignorant individuals feel it is appropriate to incite hatred against members of an opposing political party without the first inkling of the damage it can cause", she said, citing the unfounded and emotive nature of the content of the claims made in the stickers as an obvious attempt to portray UKIP in a negative light."

She went on to say that those behind the stickers were "ignorant towards UKIP and its members" to a "truly astounding" level.

It is unclear exactly as to who is responsible for the propaganda. Further research has revealed that the stickers seem to have originally come from the Brighton Anti-Fascists group, shortened to Antifa, with the poster-style adhesives available to buy on their website in the merchandising section. The incident has attracted attention far beyond York within UKIP circles, with many, perhaps due to the source of the stickers, pinning the blame on the Left. Henry Bolton, the new UKIP leader, who took over from Paul Nuttall following the party's leadership elections in September of last year, was angered by the stickering. Speaking to Nouse, Bolton commented: "The effort being made to shut this great party of ours (UKIP) out of debate is the perfect example of the hypocrisy of the 'Liberal Left' who themselves demand freedom of speech and expression. They're the bigots; the enemy within, set on disassembly of our British culture and identity."

Nouse understands that senior UKIP member David Kurten, who was the former education spokesperson for the party and stood for leadership against Bolton last year, made a formal complaint to the University. Speaking to Nouse, Kurten said that he was "horrified" by the stickering, and by the general treatment of students across the country harbouring "conservative and pro-Brexit opinions".

When questioned about the University's response to his complaint, Kurten stated that "they replied saying they had removed the posters they found and had informed security services, but they could not find out who had put the posters up on a large and open campus". Nouse can confirm that since Kurten's complaint, the stickers appear to have completely disappeared from campus.

Kurten, like Bolton, went on to pin the blame for the stickers the 'Liberal Left', stating that he hopes universities such as York are serious about dealing with UKIP supporters suffering from "harassment and intimidation from left-wing groups like Antifa".

This is not the first time such campaigning against right-wing groups and politicians has happened on campus in recent years. Back in February of last year, Nouse reported on a number of posters appearing across campus bearing such slogans as "fuck the fascist fucklords", "craft antifa [sic] poems" and "fuck Trump"

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Reginald Bowler Posted on Monday 18 Nov 2019

Bolton has got to go. That said, UKIP must stick around, just in case there's backsliding on "Brexit". If that were to happen, they'd regain their popularity, and move, very quickly indeed.


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