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Hes East Nisa still not open

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Nisa supermarket on Heslington East is still yet to open despite being advertised as opening in early January. In a sponsored Facebook post on the UoY Campus Food page advertising the supermarket as opening on 4 January, the development is currently still under installation.

Subsequent posts advertising the supermarket revised the expected opening date to just 'January 2018' and later 'early 2018', indicating that the project is likely to have experienced multiple delays.

When asked for comment on the delay, a University spokesman said that the project is still on track and is set to open on 23 February, yet offered no explanation as to why Nisa was initially advertised as opening on 4 January, with the Facebook post advertising this date still available to view publicly.

Nisa supermarket on Hes East is part of the new Kimberlow Hill Retail Park development, located on the Kimberlow Hill rise next to the bus interchange on Heslington East, it's 4500 sq ft large and began construction in February 2017. Nouse previously reported on other outlets set to open in the park, which includes franchises Subway and Papa Johns, an independent gelateria, and an Indian restaurant. Unity Health is also set to relocate from its current building on Hes West to the development, alongside a pharmacy. One more unit in the park remains to be leased.

Gregg's opened in Kimberlow Hill before the start of term, with a Greggs spokesperson telling The Tab: "We're delighted to be able to invest in York and provide our valued customers with a modern and convenient new shop. We hope our new and existing customers enjoy the wide range of products on offer."

The retail park is the result of a partnership between the University and Evans Property Group, who have already partnered with the University on Hes East accommodation, leading to Nouse reporting in 2013 that offshoot company Evans University Accommodation Limited was registered in the "tax haven" of Jersey. Kimberlow Hill is 20 000 sq ft of floor space and is estimated to attract some 75 000 visitors annually.

A University spokesperson told Nouse that "The Campus East shops are on schedule. The supermarket, the Indian restaurant and the burger/pizza restaurant will all open at the end of February and the barbers will open in about a month's time. Greggs are already open."

On the apparent delay of Nisa's opening, one Langwith student told Nouse: "I'm not really fussed since I prefer doing a bigger shop at somewhere like Morrison's, but that is a pretty substantial delay. If they can't get it open in time then they shouldn't make promises that they can't keep."

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Anonymous Posted on Saturday 27 Jan 2018

Not a very Activ project !!


Paul Harris Posted on Monday 19 Feb 2018

In-house University "Red Tape" i suspect !!!


Anonymous Posted on Sunday 28 Jan 2018

Thanks for the article but I thought Unity Health was moving from the converted Bungalow on Hull road not from Hes West?