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New kitchen ushers live-in library for the win

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A "GAME CHANGING" new facility has been added to the University's main library in the form of a student kitchen in LFA 124, on the first floor of the Fairhurst building. While there has been a staff kitchen on the floor above for some time, students have had to rely on the cafe or trek to their accommodation to access hot food or water.

With a microwave kindly donated by the Graduate Students' Association (GSA) and a contraption discharging boiling and cold filtered water on tap, this will no longer be the case. Students must, however, provide their own cutlery. The GSA celebrated by handing out free study mugs in the Research Study area opposite the new kitchen.

The press release from the library strongly suggested that the new addition was implemented as a result of "listening to student feedback". YUSU also pointed out the work of multiple officer groups, with a press release stating: "Thanks to years of YUSU sabbatical officer teams lobbying for this, we can finally announce it's been achieved - the library has opened a kitchen for students - AND IT HAS A MICROWAVE!! (as well as hot water boiler and a cold filtered drinking water dispenser)".

The YUSU sabbatical officers' post was showered with 136 likes and comments, including: "now I won't have to wait for you to trek across campus for some hot water", "no more cold pasta", and "I have always loved the library, this only increases that love". Mikey Collinson, the YUSU Activities Officer, joined the deluge of praise, calling the kitchen "a huge win for students".

Library authorities emphasised that the kitchen was on a trial basis, with its provision subject to a re-view at the end of the summer term. YUSU president Alex Urquhart commented: "I'm chuffed. This is something students have long been crying out for and to have the dream finally realised is a huge win. The library is a real hub for students and it is encouraging that the University has been so receptive to students' wishes. I would ask students to keep in mind it is open on a 'trial period', so make sure it isn't left in a state otherwise it could potentially be closed. ENJOY!"

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