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New giant TV in Greg's Place

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Image credit: Imogen Bellamy

GREG'S PLACE HAS A "new permanent addition" in the form of a huge TV screen. Erected in front of the wall of the Vanbrugh dining hall and Junior Common Room, it is located outside the history faculty building, next to Central Hall. While a new bakery chain there may mean that part of Hes East is the new 'Greggs place', York's west campus, home to 'Greg's place', is not losing out.

When Greg's Place (named after the former student, Chancellor of the University, and Director-General of the BBC, Greg Dyke) was unveiled in October 2015, it promised to be "a hub for the entire campus community on which performance, art, events and student enterprise will be showcased and al-lowed to flourish."

However, other than interspersed concrete slabs, foliage and a hollow wooden box hovering over the lake (creating a nice atmosphere for relaxation during the hot summer days in York), Greg's place has remained devoid of developments - until the jumbo-sized screen was put up.

The University stated that the screen was "the final element of the leaving presentation by Greg Dyke when he retired as Chancellor". Nouse understands that the screen was originally proposed back in 2015 when Greg's Place was originally being developed. Why the idea was postponed until now remains unclear. YUSU's Twitter post wondered "how amazing will it be watching England win the #WorldCup on this! #MaybeJustMaybe".

"It's a good idea", a first year Economics undergraduate told Nouse. "I look forward to seeing how it's going to be used". A History and Politics student also commented that "it would be good to see charity film screenings or something like that".

While the potential usage of the screen is still "under consideration", the University also added that applications for its use might legitimately include: live streaming of graduation ceremonies, key sports matches and other significant events, way-finding and directions, (especially during busy events such as Open Days), film screenings, and advertising. The screen, supplied by Pioneer Group (an electrical signage company), is approximately six metres by three metres, and has a resolution of 1000 pixels by 500 pixels.

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