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Your new music Team talk through some of their 'favourites' in music.

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Beth Colquhoun - Music Editor

Favourite Album: Tame Impala - Lonerism

I deliberated over this for a while before settling on an album that I listen to the most: 'Lonerism' by Tame Impala. Its chilled yet psychedelic tones make for easy listening. However, the intricacies of the band's music give your ears a gentle caress. From my first listen the band were clearly influenced by one of my favourites, The Beatles - although, their own creativity is prominent throughout the album. It is just beautifully produced.

Favourite Artist: David Bowie

For me this is like choosing a favourite child -- although I have no kids, I imagine that this is a close feeling. From before his departure early last year, David Bowie has always been someone I admire (and fancy a tiny bit). His extravagant and alternative style challenged his time and changed music forever. He created a platform for a more creative side of music that has inspired artists such as Arcade Fire, Nirvana, Lou Reed and LCD Soundsystem, to name just a few. He contributed to the very soul of music.

Favourite York Venue: The Basement

Although it only holds up to 100, the intimacy makes for a great atmosphere. The Basement usually plays alternative and punk music, so is always a good time!

Favourite Live Show: Mathew Street Festival

I'm going to cheat on this one, but my favourite gigs have got to be an annual event that used to happen in my hometown, called 'Mathew Street Festival'. The festival celebrated local music and culture, and I think that's really sweet. I hope to make this section of Muse a bit like that and celebrate local bands and York's musical culture!

Alistair Knifton - Deputy Music Editor

Favourite Album: The Beatles - Revolver

Picking a favourite Beatles album is a task in itself. However, 1966's 'Revolver' has always stood out to me. Perfect from start to finish, it features songs inspired by drugs such as LSD, marking one of the Beatles' earliest ventures into psychedelic rock. Personal highlights include the string octet on 'Eleanor Rigby', Lennon's vocals on 'I'm Only Sleeping' and the beautiful 'Here, There and Everywhere' which calls up nostalgic memories of the Liverpool waterfront.

Favourite Artist: Radiohead

This was a very easy choice. Radiohead are one of the most intelligent, influential and experimental bands still around. With musical output ranging from the grungy guitar chords of debut 'Pablo Honey', to the eerily cynical art rock of the acclaimed 'OK Computer', to the electronic bleeps and bloops of the divisive 'Kid A', Radiohead's sheer brilliance is not pigeonholed to one genre. These five lads from Oxfordshire will be remembered not only as one of the greatest bands of our generation, but of all time.

Favourite York Venue: The Barbican

With acts ranging from Wolf Alice to the Doobie Brothers, the Barbican is the best place to see internationally renowned and legendary artists.

Favourite Live Show: Kanye West at Glastonbury 2015

After a pathetic petition went around attempting to ban his appearance, Kanye proved the haters wrong and pulled out all the stops during his Glasto set. With hits throughout, it culminated with him rapping from a crane above my head and rightly declaring himself the "greatest living rockstar on the planet." Yeezy taught me.

Sam Bright - Deputy Music Editor

Favourite Album: Constructus Corporation - The Ziggurat

Before we knew Ninja and Yo-Landi as Die Antwoord, they operated as The Constructus Corporation: a slightly more relaxed electronic/hip hop band. They released this gem of an album alongside an accompanying comic, telling the futuristic story of 'The Ziggurat'. The tunes range from the trippy 'Jelly Fish' to the downright bizarre 'Rick Flare'. It's certainly an experience, but I'll let you decide for yourself what kind.

Favourite Artist: Beirut

While pegging down a 'favourite artist' from my gigantic music library is a daunting task, one that stands out is certainly Beirut. The Balkan folk band hailing from Santa Fe have a song for every occasion, and it's a rare occasion that said song is not a masterpiece. The lyricism that frontman Zach employs is a work of art in itself, and the accompanying music certainly complements it excellently. All of their albums stand in a league of their own, with style changes aplenty.

Favourite York Venue: Fibbers

Fibbers is the place to be in York for small(ish) gigs -- the familiar club turns into a great venue, and the bar remains as (relatively) cheap as ever!

Favourite Live Show: Skindred (All eight of them!)

Rather than a single gig, my favourite show is in fact a series of shows - every single Skindred gig I've been to (about one a year since I was 14) has been an absolute blast. The frontman Benji is hilarious and never fails to get the pit moving; if you get the chance, they put on the show of a lifetime!

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