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New promotion network aims to target Hes East students

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A new promotion network on Facebook for Heslington East is ensuring students are aware of the diverse music scene that York has to offer.

The group was started by Nicholas Dann after realising he had missed events last year due to being on Heslington East, and not finding out about events until several months after they had happened. Missing Super Hans from Peep Show playing at Fibbers because of a lack of communication about the event to Heslington East students was the tipping point for Dann.

He realised many students could "pass through York without ever really discovering its music scene; everyone assumes nightlife begins on 'Kuesdays' and finishes on Revs Sundays and that's that".

The newly created Facebook group called "Heslington East Promoting Network" will offer event organisers the opportunity to advertise their events on the cover photo of the page.

Dann believes this is an important project as it will show the diversity of events taking place in York, which is sometimes seen to be more of a tourist city than host to a big musical scene. Aside from the typical club nights, Dann has discovered events like Drop, On&On, Blackbox, SoulCandy, and Tremor. Without a system to advertise these to students, they could have gone unnoticed - especially by Heslington East residents.

Venues such as The Spread Eagle, the Crescent Community Venue and Sotano all host regular events and will be able to advertise on the page. Organisers of independent music shows or nights and charity events independent of RAG can also use the page to promote what they are organising.

Dann is working to spread awareness of his page with local charities and landlords of "music-centric" pubs. He is looking forward to upcoming recurring events such as ClkWrk York, which is a techno, jungle, house, and world music night. ClkWrk's opening party at Mansion featured Happa, and is active in sharing music online. Dann is also looking to promote Animaux, a monthly party at Mansion run by ex-students, which has featured artists such as DJ Seinfeld and Airhead in the past.

The Heslington East Promotion Network is just starting up and does not have as much engagement yet. Having only started in February of 2017, it currently hosts 330 members and is growing.

Founder Dann has commented "It's ironic trying to promote a promotion network".

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