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New Muse Editor Emily Taylor on responsibility

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I've managed to kill two cactuses in less than six months. I don't know how. But somehow plants designed by thousands of years of evolution to survive the harshest conditions in the world can't live for two months under my tender care. Maybe I loved them too much, maybe I didn't love them enough. Maybe I loved them the right amount but the little pricks went and died anyway. I don't have great luck with these things. On the plus side, nobody has asked me to babysit. Ever. My reputation precedes me.

So, in short, it's a surprise to all that I have survived this far. I stand as a living opposition Darwin's law of natural selection. But now I have finally left my teenage years and I enter my terrible twenties, as well as my third and final year of university. The realisation is beginning to dawn that I am an adult with responsibilities, and will soon leave the bubble of University with a mass of debt and plenty of books worth their weight as doorstops.

Now that I have become the editor of Muse, was this a foolish decision? Most probably. It has been one of the busiest fortnights of my time at university, though as an English literature student that's not saying much. Nevertheless, I look forward to the following year and the inevitable late-night writing sessions, swearing at InDesign, and meal deal lunches.

When I joined the paper just over a year ago, I hadn't even read a copy of Nouse before, Journalism wasn't something I was really interested in but I quite liked film so decided to run for the Film & TV section. Fast forward a year and I have now sold my soul and a year of my life to this publication. I don't know what happened to be perfectly honest. I don't know whether I should be telling the few people who read this to join or run far away.

Fortunately for all concerned though I'm not running this by myself and have a great team doing most of the work that I can then take credit for. Check out the Music team's favourite artists (M12), though nobody picked the greatest band of all time that is ABBA. To reflect on the most important event of the year, The Great British Bake-Off final, Maddie Scarlett looks at how successful the move to Channel 4 has been (M15). If that makes you hungry then Becky Bowe recommends some places in York that have some seasonal offerings (M19).

So, in what I'm sure will be an interesting year with my new found responsibility I do promise that I will keep Muse going longer than my poor cacti.

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