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Image: George Staddon - Instagram: georgestaddon

"A city of two halves" - I was in Mumbai on the 15th August 2017, an anniversary of Indian Independence Day. The city was thick with celebrations, yet on my way past Marine Drive, a mosque (which I now know to be Haji Ali Dargah) caught my interest. The mosque itself, despite being impressive was not the factor that drew me into a journey towards it, rather the hordes of local people, resembling somewhat of a pilgrimage. Upon taking the path towards the mosque a scene over Mumbai opened up. It was here that I waited for a picture of contrast.

Image: James Hall - Instagram: james_t_hall

"Melting mountains" - This is actually a photo of the mountains surrounding Davos in Switzerland. The gold section at the bottom is the wall of a hotel balcony, with a sheet of ice overhanging and melting on top. I particularly like how the mountains and ice appear to seamlessly melt into one, whilst they are in fact several miles away.

Image: Alexandra Bota - Instagram: alebota29

"Stormy Reichstag" - A short walk away from the famous Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, there stands an imposing building, its grand frontage supported by neoclassical columns and bearing the message: Dem Deutschen Volke - To the German people. The Reichstag, which today houses the German parliament, bears silent witness to the tumultuous history of Berlin. Set on fire, bombed during the Second World and left in ruin during the decades the Berlin Wall divided the city, it is the Reichstag that was reborn from its own ashes to represent the political heart of Berlin today. What is interesting about this photo is the juxtaposition of the blanket of rain clouds, representing the challenges the Reichstag was subject to for more than a century and the building itself, which manages to gleam even when overcome by the darkness, thus denoting its ability and that of the Deutsche Volke to vanquish any hardships.

Image: Sophie Raffan - Instagram: sophie_raffan

"Laundry day" - On a day trip to Venice, my friend and I made a concerted effort to avoid the crowds. Whenever we saw more than 4 people, we turned around, and eventually ended up in the residential eastern part of island. It was such a breezy sunny day, everybody had their laundry out. It was so charming and seeing that tourists had not totally ruined every aspect of Venice made the day even better.

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