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Society merchandise offer from YUSU faces delay

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An initiative that was presented to YUSU societies at the end of the last academic year appears to have fallen flat. YUSU offered to design, stock and sell society merchandise in the YUSU shop as opposed to societies sourcing third parties to create their merchandise for them.

YUSU argued that this would ensure the quality of the merchandise and reduce hassle, but this seems to have fallen on deaf ears, as no society has their merchandise selling on the online YUSU Shop. It was also suggested that the adoption of this initiative would allow alumni to show support for societies.

In an attempt to help societies, YUSU offered to stock hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, polo shirts and zip hoodies all at standardised prices. YUSU Shop also offered to sell merchandise throughout the year unlike, traditional merchandise companies which tend to only sell during certain windows.

Members of the society could purchase the items they wanted directly from YUSU, meaning that the society would not have to process orders or organising payments through the YUSU finance office. Students could then pick up their orders directly from the YUSU shop, supposedly helping both students and societies.

A £20 YUSU bar voucher was also offered to the first three societies who had garments purchased from the website. However, it seems that this was not enough to convince societies to let YUSU handle their merchandise needs with the requirement of having a YUSU logo on every garment likely to have put societies off.

YUSU Activities Officer Mikey Collinson commented: "There are a load of benefits of ordering merch through the YUSU Shop. The new system is designed to reduce the burden on committee members as firstly committee members won't have to pay for orders out of their own money and rely on members to pay them back, as members buy the merch directly from YUSU Shop.

"Societies can also set how long they would like the merch to be available for, meaning members can buy merch when they want and collect from YUSU Shop rather than committee members having to bulk order with varying prices depending on orders placed."

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