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The Freshers Playlist 2017

Arctic Monkeys and Dizzee Rascal: the unlikeliest of pairs to get you in the mood for a York night out?

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Freshers' Week is two parts daunting and one part exciting (rather like the vodka cokes you'll be pouring later). You're moving in with a bunch of new people who you've never met before, and the first couple of nights can be scary. Despite being in the frigid North, you unfortunately don't have access to any fat polar bears to break the ice. Finding common ground in your music tastes can go a long way in helping with that, so we've done all the work for you and put together a few songs to help get things started.


Welcome to the North: Arctic Monkeys - "Fluorescent Adolescent"

The perfect song to segue into life at a northern university - if you're a northerner, you'll know why this is here. If you're a southerner like me, or an international student, you may be thinking this is just here because it's a banging tune for pre-drinks. No, dear reader, it is not. You're in the North now. The North is home to an Arctic Monkeys cult; you will learn to love them. 'Fluorescent Adolescent' is perfect before your night out, and will soon become a staple of any pre-drinks. In fact, before long, it'll have become a staple of pretty much every single day.


Bass Saves Your Soul: Dizzee Rascal - "Bassline Junkie"

You're out on the town, pre-drinks were a success and you and your flat are mates for life. You've done the classics: dirt-cheap treble in Lowther, a cocktail in Bobo Lobos or Dusk, and your eye has already wandered over the local talent (I do of course mean the place you will visit for the post-club kebab - I suggest Efes). But first: the club. There are plenty to choose from, but wherever you end up you'll want to be getting down to the nastiest club beat you can find. Dizzee has your back - inject a mainline of bass into your ear canal and dance the night away. There's nothing better than teaming up with a new friend to belt out the lyrics together.


The One We Love To Hate: ABBA - Dancing Queen

Guaranteed, you will have this girl in your halls. You'll just be getting past the awkward part of your first pre-drinks during Freshers, and she'll chuck on this classic. All the ladies will squeal in delight and profess their love for ABBA, and all the blokes will groan and pretend they hate it. They don't. They are lying. They are telling bold-faced lies. You might hate to admit it, but everybody secretly loves this one. Soon enough you'll be dancing, jiving, and having the time of your life with your new friends. And you'll be loving it.


The Homeward-Bound Ballad: Toto - "Africa"

The night is over. You've left the club, blagged student discount from the overly-chatty taxi driver, and managed to avoid stepping in somebody else's sick on the walk to the warm safety of your student digs. You and your new mates are sat waiting for the takeaway to arrive, and you need some calm background music while you try to avoid thinking about the awful morning you'll be having in about five hours. Something easy to listen to and corny enough to fill the gaps in conversation while you discuss the events of the night. What better to listen to than the oddly satisfying sounds of a digitally reproduced marimba to lull you into chippy bliss? Ignore the slowly building pressure foreshadowing the inevitable headache after your fitful sleep, and shout out the oh-so-perfect chorus with your new chums. You all know the lyrics.


Monday Morning Blues: Boomtown Rats - "I Don't Like Mondays"

Freshers' Week is finished, and you've discovered that Sunday night Vodka Revs is a UoY tradition that is close to all of our hearts. This does however mean that the Monday morning hangover is an inevitability. No student likes Mondays. Woe betide any of you freshers that have a Monday 9am! The only suggestion I have is lots of coffee and a few paracetamol. Share your sorrows with Bob Geldof; stick your earphones in on the cold walk in the too-bright sun to your lecture and wallow in self-pity, swearing to never drink that much again. Then wait a week and repeat.


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Janeece Posted on Tuesday 29 Sep 2020

An inligtelent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!


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