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The Essential York Bucket List

Finn Judge on the mandatory recommendations and travel tips for your time at York

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From wall-walking to hitchhiking, the possibilities during your time at York are pretty much endless. However, there are some must-dos while you're here. Here are our top five, but this list is by no means exhaustive!

Roll down Clifford's Tower

York Castle's tragic history has given way to a modern festivity. It's the ultimate freshers' tradition: finish your bevs, go via Oki's for chips and gravy, and chance a tumble from the top of the city's historic castle. Make sure you're not too drunk - lest the roll go awry - and that you have trustworthy friends waiting for you at the bottom of the hill!

Get on top of the Minster

Some say this brings bad luck if you do it before graduation - but if you're not of a superstitious mindset, you'll need to do this more than once. The fiver to climb the 275 stairs offers a great panoramic view of York's city centre: you'll be proud to live here. Even if you're broke, entry to the Minster itself is free for students. It's the largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe.

Snap a goose selfie

After the award-winning "Goose Safety Talks", courtesy of University of York Memes (yes, for real), the need to preserve student-goose relations has never been more pertinent. York has the highest waterfowl-to-student ratio for a British uni! However, don't get too carried away. If you kill any of the waterfowl on campus, you'll be expelled for life.

Walk the city walls

Bootham Bar, Monk Bar, Walmgate Bar, Micklegate Bar: the four main gatehouses of these aged walls. Sorry if that's not the kind of "Bar" crawl you imagined! Traverse the circumference of the city in style, and transport your mind's eye to York's glorious past. Also, it's still legal to shoot a Scotsman with a bow and arrow within the walls. Don't try it.

Take yourself beyond York

Loads of societies run trips abroad! Both LitSoc and HistSoc opted for Budapest this year, while the Sailing and Windsurfing Club frequent Greece (not bad). Try Jailbreak in March, if you dare: get sponsored to hitchhike as far away as possible to raise money for Kidscan. Last year's winners made it all the way to Gran Canaria - could you take it cross-continent?

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