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Top 5 TV Shows That Should Be Cancelled

Whilst some shows are taken from us to early there are many shows that still fester on our TV screen long past their prime.

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We are nearing the end of cancellation season where the fates of our precious TV shows are decided, which ones live and which one go for the chop. Whilst some shows are taken from us to early there are many shows that still fester on our TV screen long past their prime. These shows aren't necessarily bad shows, but rather ones that we should let go of and move on. Let us say goodbye to these tortured shows and onto a hopefully brighter future.

The Simpsons


The Simpsons used to be a great show, which makes the state it is now even more painful. It's not that it's bad currently, it's not good either but its far from the worst show on this list. The odd good episode doesn't stop the show being utterly mediocre at the moment. Pre-season 12 is often considered the 'golden age' of The Simpsons, but now after 28 seasons and having been renewed for two more the show is very tired. The gags are far from cutting and it acts more a parade of celebrity cameos than anything innovative or vaguely interesting. We seem to be in a renaissance of adult animated shows now with Bo-Jack Horseman, Rick & Morty and Bob's Burgers so shall we stop beating this dead horse in a stable of much finer horses (Bo-Jack Horses) - just put the show out of its misery. A similar argument could be made for Family Guy and South Park but neither of these shows met the height of The Simpsons when it was at its best - making their continued mediocrity a lesser disappointment. The Simpsons has made its way into the halls of pop culture, they don't need to go for a lifetime achievement award. Don't ruin our memories of the original. Please.

The Walking Dead


We get it, everybody dies - just do it quicker. Shows can last season after season by expanding their focus and themes, a sense of progression is essential. This is what went wrong with The Walking Dead, it just gives the sense of endlessly going in circles. Rick and the gang, meet new people and then people die and then they move on. Its just getting repetitive and predictable, and about as fun as the end of the world sounds. It doesn't have the vast scope of Game of Thrones nor as deep a character study as Breaking Bad. Though it reignited our love affair with zombies that spark has died out. It's not that it's particularly bad, there are much worse shows to watch, its just that its ran its course and deserve to die with dignity, not become a shell of itself. That's not all, now they have introduced an unnecessary spin-off that audiences did not ask for. The audiences don't want to be as bored and jaded as the characters in the show. Though the show has taken the 'shocking twist' that now zombies have been downgraded from death threat to mild annoyance the true evil has become man. Mind blown. We get it, man is the true evil - 28 Days Later managed to do this in less than two hours, not seven, soon to be eight seasons.



This show used to be a slightly guilty pleasure of mine. I admit it was pretty enjoyable, I do hesitantly recommend the first five seasons. Sure it's pretty silly, has convoluted plots and has possibly the most irritating fans of all time. But it delivers some good thrills, it knows how silly it is and was at least very watchable. It's no masterpiece as even in the five season run the monster of the week scenario got pretty tiring but now its had 12 seasons and is going for a 13. Apart from the strong cult following most audiences have given up at this point. It jumped the shark a long time ago and self-referential comedy can only forgive so many sins as the show has never attempted to fix the earlier problems rather it just gets bigger and bigger. Its exhausted every possible plot line but nevertheless, it persists. The worst thing is it was planned to have five seasons, it had an actual ending and everything was tied up in a nice little bow. But then it kept going, less a case of deteriorating quality but rather a case of it outstaying its welcome. When the show was never that great to begin with its campy horror and predictable plotlines get grating. Few shows deserve thirteen seasons, Supernatural isn't some grand epic, it's campy horror fun that's run its due course.

Doctor Who


Now this one comes from the heart. Growing up I loved Doctor Who, I owned Doctor Who books, I went to a Doctor Who convention and I still have a limited edition Doctor Who poster on my wall. I have all of them on boxset, that is until the 11th Doctor. Russell T Davies left and along came Steven Moffatt - destroyer of TV shows. I keep giving it a chance but the show is simply not good anymore. I thought I'd give it a chance when Peter Capaldi took over as The Doctor but then it opened with a dinosaur blowing up in Victorian London and I just went no. My expectations have been dashed too many times. Doctor Who was a show brimming in heart, it was cheesy and silly but wasn't afraid to take itself and its message serious. Trading depth for flash doesn't turn out well on a BBC budget. The storylines are even more convoluted with quippy one-liners that I'm sure sound funny in the writer's head but don't translate to audiences, but the main thing is the show just feels heartless - made to appeal to a wider demographic as possible. Though it may hurt it should be given a break to regenerate, it shouldn't end indefinitely but I can't deal with exploding dinosaurs anymore. Just give me back David Tennant.

The Big Bang Theory


I understand that this show is popular but I have yet to meet many people who actually like it. At best it's bearable, but its attempt to capitalise on 'so-called' geek culture came off as pandering in 2007, now the entire premise is just insulting. I'm yet to hear a catchphrase as annoying as 'Bazinga', there is no likable or fully realised character in the cast, just shallow caricatures that are there to string a few jokes together without being endearing or funny. But how is this show so successful, there have been ten seasons of this show, two more have been commissioned, the actors make $900,000 an episode and there is no end in sight. Also, there are so many shows that are interesting and different and actually good - watch Brooklyn 99, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt or Master of None if you need your fix of American sitcoms. Please do not watch this garbage, it has a script that is just a checklist of pop culture references and actors that have stopped caring a long time ago. There is nothing particularly bad about it, or at least downright offensively bad. It's just so painfully mediocre, taking zero risks and doing absolutely nothing interesting and has so little effort put in. I'd much rather see a show that tries and fails than a show that never tried in the first place. Unlike most of the other shows in this list, it was never good. Just season after season of the same old antics, at the very least it's consistent I guess. But being original is difficult so why do anything new or interesting, let's just do the same thing over and over - and make a lot of money doing it too. Bazinga.

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Sharon Posted on Wednesday 27 Sep 2017

I think it's time to say goodbye to "Hawaii Five-O". Actually, it should have ended two seasons ago, while all the original cast members were still there. As it is, the show may end up facing cancellation, because of the departures of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park. The nail in the coffin? My guess is yes.