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London Fashion Week Men's: The Interviews

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David Gandy

After attendance of St James' synergising show at LFWM, Dale Lyster speaks exclusively to stratospheric David Gandy in regard to the fashion industry and his advice for young people wishing to pursue his footsteps. As a young man, the most successful male supermodel turned fashion businessman, began in humble footsteps before being scouted at the age of 21. Gandy most notably earned his big break in Dolce and Gabanna's Light Blue campaign, with his Time Square billboard acting as his portfolio opener and staple. Since then, Gandy has gone on to front various campaigns from Vogue to GQ and more recently acting as the face of Wellman.

However, Gandy opted for a distinguished path for a man of his status, turning fashion designer and businessman. The British gent collaborated with another British staple of menswear in the form of his David Gandy for M&S. What originally began with a traditional yet distinctive design of underwear later led to one of the most successful fashion collaborations in recent times.

QU: What advice would you give to young people looking up to you and wishing to follow in your footsteps?

DG : "I always talk about perseverance. I've had years of perseverance trying to get people to listen to me. Knock on the most doors, and don't take it to heart if they don't open. Before I went into fashion I was constantly getting rejections for five years and nobody knew what was going on till Dolce and Gobanna. I know have my own collections, with collaborations coming soon. Models don't have their own collections, so it's just working with the right companies".


Nick Carvell

Nick Carvell is the former Online Fashion Editor and current Associate Style Editor for popular international monthly men's magazine Gentlemen's Quartlerly, and most importantly, a lover of double denim (as stated in his Twitter bio). Carvell is responsible for covering all the key international menswear collections. His long standing work in the industry has won him FBMJA Online Fashion Journalist of The Year, and in an industry that is becoming increasingly reliant on the internet for survival, Carvell is just the person that could provide the necessary advice for many aspiring writers and editors.

NC: Standing next to my old university, King's College London, I used to work for the student paper. My advice would be when you're trying to get into a competitive industry like fashion, a lot of people will say well do something else, just keep in mind what you want to do and make a lot of connections and put yourself out there. The most important thing is to meet people you admire, try to get internships at magazines you like. People who work in the industry like to know who's coming up, who is new. You might have to keep emailing them and they will get back to you eventually

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