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All is not well in the Nouse office. The end of the academic year dictates that a great many goodbyes are in order (not least me saying farewell to my chances of a 2:1 following a year dedicating way too much time to this bloody paper). But the goodbyes I refer to are not in relation to the loss of my post-degree career prospects, but instead to the great many third years who are part of this wonderful Nouse team that will be running for the hills after this, their last edition.

The Muse representatives among the departures see both our Music Editor, Ellie Langford, and Film and TV Editor, Chloe Kent head for the exit door and to sweet, Nouse-less freedom. The former says goodbye with a masterful interview with the frontman of up-and-coming York based-band King No-One, her writing style truly refined after no fewer than three separate tenures on the Music team.

Meanwhile, Chloe leaves the paper a true embodiment of the fervent egotism inherent to all student journalists, informing me as she layed-up an entire two-page spread co-written by herself about Jack Nicholson, "fuck it, it's my last edition, I'm being selfish". I can't really argue given her aptitude in guiding Film and TV with aplomb as the section increased its page coverage, as per my own suggestion...

Yet in spite of these goodbyes, things must continue regardless, no matter how inclined I am to make this note one big, sentimental wankfest. In our cover feature, Finn Judge visits former Labour heavyweight Ed Balls' recent talk at the University, as the ex-shadow chancellor discusses Jeremy Corbyn, the state of politics today and, of course, the most burning issue, his time on Strictly, while Dale Lyster visits London Men's Fashion Week.

Elsewhere, Mustafa Chaudhry explores the rising centrality of Ramadan in British food culture, Arts celebrate all things Japanese and Lucy Furneaux guides you through swathes of the inspirational at York's Festival of Ideas.

Finally, I should probably reference the fact that this also serves as the final edition for Editor and Nouse fuhrer, Luke Rix-Standing, as he might cry should I fail to acknowledge him given his crippling need for attention ever since being palmed off to a boarding school as a child. In all seriousness, this Nouse senior team has been a pleasure to be a part of, and I hope I can speak also for Luke, Lucy and Finn when I say I am immensely proud of what we have achieved these past nine months.

Departure does inevitably mean change, and I only hope Nouse and Muse continue in the vein of unparalleled quality that has been established under the current team.

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