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Question Time with May and Corbyn to be held on Hes East

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Question Time set-up 2017 in the interior of the Ron Cooke Hub. Image: Oscar Bentley

The Question Time special featuring Prime Minister Theresa May and Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn this Friday 2 June is to be held in the Ron Cooke Hub on Campus East, it has become apparent. While neither the BBC 0r the University has publically announced the venue, students who live on or have departments on Hes East received an email at around 5:00 today announcing disruption due to a "high profile event".

The aforementioned disruption students have been warned about includes; a closure of the Ron C0oke Hub from 6am on 2 June until 2am on 3 June, with 24 hour porters services being relocated to Langwith College; a cordon being placed around the Hub and part of Computer Science from 8am on 2 June; bike and car parking restrictions; closure of the Ron Cooke Hub bus stop. Students have also been advised to keep their University ID Card with them at all times, while TFTV students have also been warned against any filming with weapons.

The Ron Cooke Hub was always the most likely venue for the Question Time special, as the last two times the programme has been due to be broadcast from York the Hub was the venue, although the scheduled broadcast in June 2016 was cancelled due to the tragic murder of MP Jo Cox earlier that day.

In addition, York Central incumbent and Labour General Election candidate Rachael Maskell confirmed to this reporter yesterday, 29 June, that the broadcast was to be held in the Ron Cooke Hub.

A rally in favour of Jeremy Corbyn and against the Prime Minister has been planned ever since the special was announced to be held in York, with a Facebook event showing over 450 going and 1.8k interested. The programme is to follow a question and answer style format with the two party leaders taking questions from the audience. However, both leaders will not appear onstage at the same time or in a head to head debate due to Mrs May's refusal to attend any television debates with other leaders.

The BBC is to broadcast a debate on Wednesday where the Home Secretary Amber Rudd will represent the Conservatives, alongside the leaders of the Green Party, the Liberal Democrats, UKIP, and the Parliamentary and Deputy Leader of the SNP Angus Robertson. Labour have not yet announced whether Mr Corbyn or a deputy will appear.

Both May and Corbyn took part in a similar audience question and answer programme, followed by a grilling from Jeremy Paxman yesterday, with both parties claiming victory. A similar Question Time special with Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron will be broadcast from Edinburgh on Sunday.

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