Roses raises £3534 for mental health charity Mind

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Roses 2017 has raised a staggering £3534.83 for partner charities York Mind and Lancashire Mind at the time of writing, considerably breaking the target amount of £2500.

The weekend's tournament, which is the biggest inter-university sports varsity in Europe, was chosen to give a platform to mental health issues and charities, with the cause's JustGiving page proclaiming that "Sporting rivalries aside, this is a joint campaign between York and Lancaster students to make sure that we are working as #OneTeam to end the stigma that surrounds mental ill-health."

York Mind, which is also Halifax College's partner charity, describes itself as a "leading local provider of services supporting individuals recovering from mental ill-health", and works to help those suffering with mental health issues towards recovery, social inclusion, and integration through actions such as volunteering, employment, and learning.

Lancashire Mind declares its mission statement as helping to "shape a generation that won't treat people differently based on their mental health" with a vision of mental wellbeing for all.

York Mind and Lancashire Mind were present at Friday's opening ceremony and throughout the weekend, with donations buckets prompting spectators and athletes to give to the cause.

The opening ceremony itself was also used as a platform to raise awareness to the issue and the work the charities do with mental health well-being, with York sport president Isaac Beevor speaking about the positive link that sport can have with mental health.

Player profiles hosted on the Roses Facebook event in the lead up to the weekend also showcased student athletes and their journeys with mental health and sport, including York sport president-elect Laura Carruthers, who spoke about the support she received from the lacrosse club and how channelling her energy into lacrosse has helped to combat her anxiety.

Given the mental health crisis in UK universities and high profile national debate on the subject, Roses was arguably an apt platform to help promote mental health wellbeing, with the University pledging to invest £500 000 in mental health services at the beginning of this academic year.

While being independent organisations, each of the respective charities are affiliated to the larger UK wide Mind charity, founded in 1946, which offers advice to those experiencing mental health problems and works to raise public awareness and understanding of mental health issues.

It is a common misconception that the local Mind bodies all make up one charity, as York Mind and Lancashire Mind don't receive any direct financial support from the central charity. This is why the funds raised from the Roses were split equally between the two.

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