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EDITOR'S OPINION: Register to vote

As a new generation comes to vote in this years election, registering to vote is as important as ever

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Hooray! For hopefully the last time in five years, the powers at Westminster will give us a chance to vote on who our overlords will be. For many, myself included, this will be the first time a new generation of electorate will get to vote. Instead of witnessing the proverbial guffs from a minimum safe distance, it is now our responsibility to vote and that means registering.

It may seem like an arduous journey of a month until the vote. What Americans see as a democratic appetiser to us is the limit of political rhetoric we can take. Sometimes it seems fit to sit in your Switzerland shaped bunker and wait for the political bombshells to stop falling, but political apathy in this situation is not the answer, no matter what your opinion may be. If you find an opposition party that you agree with then vote so that they have a greater chance of booting the establishment out. In the same way that complacency when voting for the current heads of government you agree with is handing your political opponent a golden opportunity to make you the outsider.

Now is the perfect opportunity to discover where you stand. University gives the opportunity to meet a communist and a Brexiteer over the same pint at the bar. Democracy means a voice for all and it's your job to find the voice that you agree with. I'm not here to argue for any party. It isn't important to a democracy what your opinion is, it matters that it is your opinion and not forced upon you. Your own volition is key if you are to dive into the swamp of British politics. Equipped with a pair of hyperbolic inflatables to hand. If it just so happens to align with a political party then vote for them. As the next generation of electorate, it should be our responsibility to promote a thriving Parliament that reflects our interests. Democracy is not perfect, but if it means not having to hail God-Emperor May or salute Supreme Leader Corbyn, I will take it any day.

If you would like to register to vote, click here.

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