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Comedy of errors sinks York's rowers

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AFTER UNFORTUNATE circumstances Tyneside, York's eights men's rowing team witnessed a comical series of errors to see them finish 14th at BUCS Rowing 8s Head 2016-17. As a result of the team currently not having a boat suitable to race in, the squad were forced to hire a boat in order to compete at Newcastle. However, when the team turned up to examine the boat they found it to be dissatisfying and nowhere near the standard required for the competition. The poor quality of the boat was immediately shown by one rower's footplate breaking as the team warmed up. The damage caused to the boat proved to be unfixable, despite the team's best efforts.

Although heavily disheartened there was still a silver lining for York's rowers. The team had enough time for the squad to speak to their coach and replace the boat with another hired boat. However, in true Chuckle Brothers fashion, the seat of the second hired boat immediately broke. To make matters worse, it also transpired that the boat proved to be too light to support the team. It was in fact a women's boat, designed to hold less weight than a men's would. Left with just minutes before the start of their race, the team were forced to move towards the start line without enough time to return to the riverbank and modify the boat.

With options now severely limited, the team decided that their best chance was to try and compete in the vessel as it was. Out of sheer panic and desperation the team turned to the officials for assistance. Yet that proved only to add disaster for the team. The official's verdict was to not allow the team to race unless they could resolve the issue of the broken seat. Like every cliched sports film, it seemed like it was time for someone to be a hero and save the team from a watery disappointment. All was finally resolved at the final hour as York's cox arranged for a new replacement seat. Against all the odds, the YUBC still managed to race. The team were able to improve by 12 positions from last year and will hope to avoid any more incidents when they travel to London on 25 March to compete in the eights head of the River competition. York recorded a time of 14:45:3 to finish 14th. Newcastle University won the event at home.

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