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Aiden's triumph in thriller

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Image: Dan Powell

ST AIDEN'S and Constantine did not disappoint in College Varsity's basketball A game, with both teams capable of playing fast and exciting basketball, moving the ball from one end of the court to the other within a matter of seconds. However, the quality that edged all five points to St Aiden's was that they were better at converting their counter-attacks, coupled with a tighter defence performance.

From the first whistle, St Aiden's showed their deadly nature from inside the three-point arc and were soon 12-0 up. By the end of the first quarter, they were leading 16-4 and had York on the ropes. Constantine lacked the same conversion rate; the attempts were certainly there, yet many of them tip-toed around the hoop before dropping back into play.The score was 29-15 by the end of the second quarter, with Aiden's lead extending to 42-24 at the third buzzer.

As the game progressed further, Constantine decided to try a more shots from outside of the three-point arc. The tactic was either a response to their opponents having greater success in defence, or that they felt going for shots would help them mount a much needed comeback. Doing so, however, bought down even lower their conversion rate at a time when St Aiden's continued to convert two-pointers with almost every attempt. York were behind from the offset, yet the comeback was always within touching distance. In the end, St Aiden's proved to be more clinical as the final buzzer sounded with the score at 60-44. A disappointing result for the visiting team, but an exhilarating game.

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