Vote tabled against Halifax president

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The chair of the Halifax College Students Association (HCSA) has been faced with a vote of no confidence by his committee.

HCSA President Roman Rojik is currently suspended from his duties until the next HCSA meeting on Wednesday evening, where a debate and an anonymous vote will take place concerning the President's position.

The vote of no confidence comes following an email sent by Rojik to his fellow committee members, alleging that poor attendance to a weekly quiz open to all members of Halifax college, in addition to poor club wristband sales, reflected badly on the HCSA, and that a meeting would be necessary on order to amend this.

Rojik maintained that those who could not attend the meeting without a valid reason, as decided by himself, would find their platinum card and position on the committee at stake.

A committee member who wished to remain anonymous states that Rojik doesn't have the authority to revoke platinum cards or committee membership, and that these consequences have been put forth solely to try and get committee members to attend meetings.

They also alleged that Rojik "cancels meetings at ridiculously short notice without consulting anyone, and is generally rude and abrasive", and that the functioning of sub-committees has been impaired by Rojik micromanaging.

If the vote of no confidence falls against Rojik, he will lose his position and a new HCSA president will need to be elected by the entire Halifax student body.

A vote to remove a sitting college chair is not unprecedented. In April 2015, then-president of Constantine College JCRC Usman Khan was forced to stand down from his position after the college committee tabled a vote of no confidence. At the time, Khan described the move as "surprising", and that no coherent reason was provided for the vote of no confidence.

The position of college chair or president remains one of high prominence in campus life. Incoming YUSU president, Alex Urqhuart, was formerly the chairman of Derwent College JCRC, and his predecessor, Millie Beach, chaired the Vanbrugh JCRC prior to her election to sabbatical office.

Rojik has been contacted for comment, but at the time of printing has not yet responded.

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Faxy Lion Posted on Friday 8 Mar 2019

Pretty sure he won the vote of no confidence?


Faxy Lion Posted on Friday 8 Mar 2019

Pretty sure he won the vote of no confidence?