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Gaming Memories: Your Stories

We Delve Into The Weird And Wonderful Moments Of your favourite Gaming Memories

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"The worst is easy: it was a long game of EU4 with my friends, I was Bohemia, they were Italy, Austria and Byzantium respectively. We'd been propping Byzantium up for half the game from attacks on all sides. That's when Austria betrayed us, he'd been plotting to destroy Byzantium all game. "Raise the banners!" the Italy player screamed. There was no way he could survive an attack from three sides; we weren't saying that by the end of the month when we had nothing left.

A memory in Red Dead Redemption stands out, too; me and a friend found a little cabin in the woods, it looked scenic so we ventured towards it. That's when we heard them: cougars. We picked up the pace, but couldn't see anything and we didn't want to. It turns out the cougar must be some sort of aerial big cat be- cause they were falling from the sky, hundreds of them. We managed to shrug them off and get to the cabin, cougars circling, but we were safe, until other players turned up throwing molotovs at our cabin forcing us back out to the big cats. We kept going back there, making it into some kind of Ironman survival competition. The thrill of lasting longer against the cats made us lose countless

hours on that game."

- Thomas Moore, first year, Alcuin College

"One of the most heartbreaking moments in gaming, and one of my favourites, is the death of Aeris Gainsborough in Final Fantasy VII. I played so many hours of the game and loved all the characters. While Aeris could be saved earlier in the game if she ever went down, at the climax of disc one, she dies in a cutscene and you're unable to save her. When the game released on Steam, I remember instantly downloading a mod that man- aged to break the game by keeping her alive. It added an additional cutscene straight after her death where she is revived, not only keeping her in your party but completely implementing her back into the story for the remainder of the game. It's one of the reasons I love modding and gaming, being able to connect to amazing characters and affect the story and their actions in a way you just can't in other mediums."

- Tobias Reilly, first year, Derwent College

"My best moment has to be while playing Overwatch. Me and some of my friends were stuck in the worst losing streak, game after game and not a single win. We were getting desperate, and it was too much for some of them to bear. In the waiting room preparing for the next round to start, one of my friends spotted a huge globe, and playing as the tiny Torbjorn, decided to jump on it to get to the height of the other characters. Noticing this, one of my other friends, playing as Bastion, jumped on and tried to knock him off the globe. So started a 10-minute match to wrestle the other character off. The round had started long ago, our team was getting hammered and we were pleading with them to come down from the globe, but the globe was the true prize. Admitting defeat, we joined them in the madness. It was the best game of Overwatch I've had. Lord knows what the other team were thinking."

- Aaron White, first year, Derwent College

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