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YUSU candidates announced as campaigning commences

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The candidates running for Full and Part-Time Officer positions in 2017's YUSU Elections have been announced.

With an overall total of 36 candidates, the most highly contested position is that of YUSU President, with a total of eight nominees. Although this is an increase on last year's number, it can arguably be reduced to a race of three, as five of the individuals' middle names make up the phrase, when collated, "V - Bar, Week 9, Saturday, 8.30pm, Free Entry".

This leaves Roberto Avelar, current International Officer, Max Flynn, former chair of James, and Alex Urquhart, former chair of Derwent, as the frontrunners.

With that being said, in 2008, Mad Cap'n Tom Scott became YUSU's first democratically elected joke candidate, with the greatest turnout any Students' Union in the country had ever seen. Perhaps, therefore, Chester, Smith, Fulwell, Batchelor, and Arnold should not be so readily dismissed. Rather, they could be of key importance in boosting voter turnout.

2015's joke candidate, Ron Weasley, failed to attract as much attention in an election with only 28 per cent turnout. This year's informal target is 30 per cent and, as campaigning begins, it is unknown which of the presidential frontrunners will gain mass interest.

Initially online, as the race begins to pick up momentum, a hustings will be held on the Friday of week six and physical campaigning will be permitted in week seven. The process will conclude with results on the Saturday. For now though campaigning has begun.

Although there are no Full-Time officers rerunning there are two Part-Time officers hoping to move upwards in the union. As well as the International Officer going for President, the current Women's Officer, Mia Chaudhuri-Julyan, will be going head to head with Thomas Underwood for Welfare.

Similarly going toe-to-toe are Daniel Bowen and Mikey Collinson for Activities, and Julian Porch and Jay Evedane for Academic Officer.

The competition for York Sport President seems particularly close. All four are well known in their respective clubs. Laura Carruthers was captain of the women's lacrosse team, one of the most successful teams on campus, and is currently one of the Tournament Secretaries. Josie Phillipps is also part of the the York Sport Committee as Well-being and Development Officer.

Part-time positions up for grabs include Disabled Students' Officer, Environment & Ethics Officer, International Students' Officer, LGBTQ Officer, Mature Students' Officer, Policy Coordinator, RAG Officer, Volunteering Officer, and Women's Officer.

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