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EDITOR'S OPINION: Veganuary is just the beginning

No one needs a campaign to go vegan

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Veganuary is a campaign that "aims to reduce the suffering of animals by inspiring and supporting people across the globe to try vegan in January and throughout the rest of the year." In lieu of a New Year's resolution, people forgo animal products for 31 days. With 50 000 people having signed up this year, Veganuary is at its most successful level ever, with chains from Wagamama to Handmade Burger Co participating and offering new vegan options. In 2017, with everything from vegan food blogs such as Vegan Womble, to the holy grail of Holland and Barrett, it's never been easier to go vegan.

My point is trying to convince you to adopt the vegan lifestyle. Veganuary may be almost over, but there's always the The Great University Vegan Challenge in February. And while these campaigns are helpful in recruiting people to take on the vegan lifestyle, no one intrinsically needs a New Year's resolution or a campaign to decide to cut out the brutal murder, enslavement, and torture of billions of sentient, feeling creatures from their lives. It was on 13 April that I decided to go vegan for instance: no New Year's campaign required.

It's not a popular opinion (but then again this column is entitled Editor's Opinion, not popular), and it may not be the dominant ideology, but there is an enormous fundamental issue with humanity using animals for their own selfish gain. Despite the argument of any benefits that are gained from the use of animals, these are astronomically outweighed by the suffering that is caused to our fellow sentient beings. Their lives are their own; they are an ends-in-themselves, not a means to an end.

And, as I've said, while it is not a widely held opinion, it is my own. The argument also exists that education, rather than preaching (as I've done here and as I've been accused of time upon time) is a better way to convert people from ignorance and speciesism to veganism. But, to be fair, I wrote this article in twenty minutes in the Nouse office, and writing a strong educational piece is much more hard work and effort than having a bit of a rant.

So. Go vegan! Oscar out.

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Anonymous Posted on Monday 30 Jan 2017

Thanks so much for urging people to go vegan! I've been vegan for more than 24 years. Best decision ever. I lost unwanted weight when I went vegan, and I never worry about my cholesterol levels. But I feel especially good knowing that my food choices don't harm animals or degrade the environment. And vegan foods are tasty and affordable. I hope everyone will give them a try. With all the great vegan options around, there's just no excuse to eat animals and animal secretions.


Ben Posted on Wednesday 18 Apr 2018

nice article thx. check this article https://socialnomics.net


Kek Posted on Friday 27 Apr 2018

In fact, if you think about it, we eat all our sensible and conscious fellows. Their life is far from serenity. Daily beatings, injections of hormonal drugs, mass slaughter - we suffer such pains. Mass cruelty to people invariably causes us empathy. However, this does not prevent us from taking at least indirect participation in mass torture and murder of other creatures just for our own pleasure. My friend from https://greatpaper.co.uk switched to a vegan lifestyle, and I also tried, because I feel sorry for animals, they do not deserve such a fate.