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EDITOR'S OPINION: Always look on the bright side

Maybe 2016 wasn't that bad after all

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I think we can all agree that 2016 was not the finest hour for most people in the world. Even if your political party won this year, we all must agree that this year was at best unexpected and at worst the coming of the end times. The videos of those who we lost last year will be eerily long at award shows this year, and a new set of hopefuls in government will start making the changes that propelled them from obscurity to establishment. To those who read the papers, the media has been alive with the sound of horror and has been shouting it from the mountaintops like Julie Andrews ever since. So in a change of tack, despite the doom and gloom, I will take the time to note all the great things that happened in 2016.

We saw Tim Peake go to the ISS on his landmark mission, we saw child mortality drop everywhere and we saw numbers of many endangered species go up in the world. For those who thought ISIS
was the bane of the year, over 700 Muslim clerics declared a Fatwa against them this year. Chemotherapy has improved, ALS has got the funding it needs (thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge). We saw movie hits like Deadpool, Civil War, Zootopia, Rogue One. And, above all, to corral the internet into a frenzy, Leo won an Oscar. In a year of particular obscenity, not everything that occurred was bad. The headlines were sad but the background had a air of optimism that I hope will continue.

When we ask each other what our best and worst years were in our lives, we will find 2016 to be someone's best and someone's worst. 2016 may have been a year rife with easily noticeable shocks, be it a political movement that rears its head unexpectedly, or another star going out in the skies over Hollywood.

Don't forget that years are never as bad as what we read - for in the end, life goes on. People are born, people die and the world keeps spinning around the sun. I count myself lucky as I even managed to get a place at university and a deputy editorship in 2016. So to everyone who may be reading this, always look forward to what is to come and have a fantastic New Year.

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