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Vanbrugh most applied-to college, uni figures show

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Following a Freedom of Information request, Nouse has discovered that Vanbrugh was, by a long stretch, the most popular college among incoming freshers, with 18.2 per cent of applicants selecting it as their first choice, while Langwith ranked as the least popular with only 8.1 per cent.

Vanbrugh describes itself as 'a community environment in which to flourish, to make friends, to study, to be inspired, to learn and to grow', while Langwith protests that it has 'the oldest College spirit'.

Goodricke was the most popular Hes East college with 12 per cent favouring it, while Halifax was the least popular Hest West college and was only chosen first by 8.7 per cent of incoming students. Other high ranking first choice colleges included Alcuin at 14.2 per cent and postgraduate-only college Wentworth at 11.2 per cent.

Along with Langwith, other lower ranking colleges included James, Constantine, and Derwent, coming at 8.8, 9.1, and 9.8 per cent of first choices respectively.

Highest choice Vanbrugh was only able to accommodate 36.9 per cent of its applicants, while other popular colleges Alcuin and Goodricke could only take 40.1 per cent and 51.1 per cent respectively.

As the only exclusively postgraduate college, Wentworth had a correspondingly high percentage of first choice students actually placed there with 91.7 per cent of first choice applicants. Colleges with lower popularity also had a higher percentage of students placed in them, with Langwith, Halifax, and James each housing 73.7, 82.1, and 80.6 per cent of first choice applicants respectively.

Halifax fresher Rebecca Ward told Nouse that while she was initially displeased at being placed in her fourth choice of college and sixth accommodation preference, you "obviously adapt to wherever you end up, and now I have come to enjoy Halifax and its separation from campus because I feel like I'm coming home at the end of a day at uni."

Overall, 61 per cent of applicants were placed in their first choice college - though this does not necessarily mean that within their allotted college they achieved their highest preference for accommodation.

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