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Deputy Muse Editor Jack Davies is optimistic for 2017...

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If you have a look back through the Nouse archives, the first note any editor has written is, invariably, a questioning examination of exactly how to write said note. However, having already had one in Muse during our current team's tenure, I find myself searching for something else to talk about. And, looking at our publication date for this edition, I remember that it is, thankfully, no longer 2016.

Much has been said about what was one of the craziest years in living memory, after losing some of the planet's brightest stars, leaving the EU and acquiring an *ahem* slightly questionable figure as the new leader of the free world.

But maybe we're too quick to completely move on from 2016. It did have its saving graces, as our Music team will attest, picking their favourite albums from last year. Gaming, too, has a reminiscent edge, selecting some of the standout offerings of 2016 in their Nouse Gaming Awards.

The turn of the new year, though, offers a chance to look forward and start anew (I'll do my best at this point to avoid the "New Year, New Me" cliches, but I promise nothing). Hina Rana explores how initiatives to help young people begin careers in enterprise can prevent gang culture, our new Deputy Editor and male foundation fan Finn Judge examines the revolutionary world of men's make-up, and Henry Brown looks forward to a summer festival season shaping up to be one of the best yet.

Our cover feature on London Fashion Week Men's, fantastically composed by our tireless Fashion team, sees four pages dedicated to the changing trends of the male fashion world, including a stunning two-page shoot featuring the best shows of LFWM 2017.

Nouse, too, sees a marked change to embrace going into 2017, with some significant personnel changes and lots of new blood to welcome to the family following our by-elections at the end of last year. An inexplicable sum of effort goes into making your favourite campus newspaper, and I can't thank enough the new team members who have made our somewhat interesting transition into the new year appear seamless.

Some things, however, never change. Life in the Nouse office ticks on as persistently as it always does, in a haze of Spotify playlists, microwavable lasagnes and coffee. Sanity drifts in and out consistently, one second attempting to lay up an Arts spread in the most visually appealing way possible, the next discussing the sexual persuasion of characters in The Lion King.

In a world changing as fast as it turns, it's nice to know some things remain the same.

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