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Changing the Scene

Eleanor Langford chats to the guys behind DROP. on York's underground scene and the rise of Grime

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PHOTO: facebook/droplifestyleuk
PHOTO: facebook/droplifestyleuk

How did you get involved with Drop?

DROP. started as an outlet for our DJs to play the music they wanted to play and to provide a sound that no one else was catering for. Since then we've been at the forefront of what feels like a real cultural expansion in York, supporting new ventures by fellow students, teaming up with other creatives to improve our offering and trying to attract people who want to join and have a real impact in the creative industries, all of us got involved over time through this progression and we're all excited to see how far this can go.

You say, "We're here to change the scene." How do you think you're going about doing that?

Our ethos has always been to bring new things to the underground culture in York. We started on that basis and have been continuing ever since - through our resident DJs and bookings, the quality of the content we put out, our venue and stage production and through our interactive marketing.
Sonically grime is a sound like nothing else with fast, hard-hitting drum rhythms that awaken something instinctive inside you.

We've always aimed to express a narrative that reflects the changing UK youth culture and urban scene's, bringing people with a passion for the music and culture together on our creative journey. A key factor in this has been that we don't look around to see what others are doing. We've always been about forging our own path and delivering the best we possibly can - through our shows, our music, our creative content - everything has been carefully considered and delivered to the best of our ability.

Why do you think the Grime scene has become so popular in recent years?

Because it speaks to our generation. So many of us grew up hearing about and listening to the likes of Skepta, Dizzee and Kano. Sonically grime is a sound like nothing else with fast, hard-hitting drum rhythms that awaken something instinctive inside you. Add to that mix real, relatable bars - and you can see why it connect with our generation in such a way. Our generation is already proving that it's the most independent and open of all.

PHOTO: facebook/droplifestyleuk
PHOTO: facebook/droplifestyleuk

What has been your highlight since being part of Drop?

The whole journey to where we are now has been a crazy experience. We've gone from throwing house parties, to selling out huge venues, bringing in grime scene idols like Section Boyz and D Double off the back of international tours and collaborations. We really have been at the forefront of the scene and that in itself keeps us going. In terms of events, one that particularly stands out is our Ms Dynamite show. It felt like we really stepped our levels up that night with everything from the decorations and lights to the promoters efforts, tropical atmosphere... everything just clicked. It's a vibe we've wanted to capture again for a while and the upcoming UK Funky event gives us the perfect opportunity to do it.

You've got an end of term party with UK Funky coming up. What can York students expect?

UK Funky is getting a lot of press at the moment and a lot of that is definitely down to its heavy influence on Drake's Views album. It's one of our favourite homegrown genres and brings out a less serious side to DROP. We've got Roska & Crazy Cousinz joining us: these guys are the biggest in the scene and have been driving the sound since its inception. Add to that Murder He Wrote - one of the most promising members of Roska's label - and we've got a line-up that bound to keep everyone dancing till the early hours.
"We really have been at the forefront of the scene and that in itself keeps us going"

We're excited to have another chance to show off our tropical side with another star-studded line-up and with even more experience under our belts - this looks set to be one of our best events to date.

Any exciting plans for 2017, and for the future of Drop?

The lineup we've curated so far for this year is our way to explore and pay homage to the UK scene. After the UK Funky event we've got some major names coming from one of the most exciting MCs in grime right now - AJ Tracey to legends like Zed Bias, Sneakbo and Trigga coming and with more to come. We're in the process of planning our end of year shows with help from a special guest, someone we owe everything to as a culture - another big step in driving forward the scene.

The future of DROP. always looks exciting. We're always working on a number of projects to help us grow along with the scene. Without giving too much away: our current project is looking at connecting the talent across the scene by providing a collective platform for creatives in London. We're working on some big things - you'll only have to wait a little longer...

DROP. is Arian Sarrafan, James Caven, Freddy Wordsworth & Jim Thomson.

2016/17 SEASON//AJ Tracey - Sneakbo - Roska - Crazy Cousinz - Zed Bias - Trigga - Murder He Wrote + More TBA

Tickets on sale for UK Funky at Zentry: []

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