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New student partnership agreement introduced

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Image: YUSU
Image: YUSU

The university is developing its first student partnership agreement. It aims to clearly outline what the University should be doing for its students in line with what students owe to their education, research and society.

With a clearer definition of these reciprocal positions, the agreement hopes to enable important policies and procedures to optimise student experience.

The draft agreement was launched over two events. One on Friday 14 October on Heslington East and one on Thursday 20 on Heslington West.

Millie Beach, YUSU President, is incredibly positive "about the student partnership, as it provides a means to hold the university to account, through the union or as an individual student.

It also provides a central point of reference for support services, as seen in the Cardiff Student Charter.

We are pleased to support the University in creating an agreement that listens to student feedback and reflects student recommendations. We also believe some tangible elements, such as electronic submission and feedback deadlines can complement the partnership in the future."

The document premises York as "a place of scholarship. As a student, you will join a community of learning in which you can pursue your academic interests and develop as an individual who strives to make a positive difference in the world.

"At York, you will be challenged intellectually, encouraged to consider your place in wider society, and supported to achieve academically and thrive personally.

"We want to empower you to take some chances, and, with our support, use your time here to become the best person you can be."

This is only a draft. The full document can be found online and the University strongly encourages students to give feedback by 21 November. The partnership agreement is part of a series, which offers a greater student led focus from the university.

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