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Bonjour to Feminine Sportswear

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Sportswear is heading into a new direction as the trend that is usually recognised as more urban is being combined with a more feminine edge.

Sportswear has been a prominent style of fashion since the 1990s, gaining prevalence through the 90s hip-hop era. However, sportswear has only recently surged in popularity amongst luxury brands. The iconic trend is evolving as big designer labels incorporate it with a more feminine tone.

The snapback makes a very stylish return this year as Karl Lagerfeld proves his innovative nature once again by bringing it forward to the catwalk. The Chanel Spring/Summer 2017 collection was unlike any other as girly dresses, integrated with pastel colours, joined forces with active wear. You might never believe that the snapback could be combined with femininity but Lagerfeld's impressive and experimental show proved otherwise.

Kenzo also embarked on something very similar with their recent collaboration with H&M. Once again, the baseball cap joins forces with more feminine wear as it was styled with various dresses. Kenzo take it one step forward as the show is presented with dynamic dance to further demonstrate its sporting appeal. The ruffled dress, sporty cap and eccentric rhythm worked unlike anything else, proving that everyday feminine wear and sport are a great pair when combined together. There is no doubt this collection will sell out in no time.

Kenzo take it one step forward as the show is presented with dynamic dance to further demonstrate its sporting appeal.

But why is sportswear changing and how does it work so well? Perhaps it's simply that today's women are happier and more comfortable donning more casual outfits than ever before. Nevertheless, many women do not want to lose their femininity, which is why dresses and pastel colours have not been completely abandoned. Furthermore, there has been a huge surge in attempting to increase the number of women taking part in sport so it is without a doubt that active wear will be merged with normal everyday wear as female style changes to suit with their new interests.

Sportswear is increasing in popularity because women and men alike prefer to feel more comfortable in their day to day life and brands have taken advantage of this by combining it with different trends so that there is something for everyone. This has already been proven by the fact that women have ditched their high heels for trainers and their tight skinny jeans for leggings. The vast array of styles, patterns and colours on offer for all budgets at the moment is astonishing and just goes to show that sportswear is not going anywhere anytime soon - even more so now that it is beginning to appeal to a wider market.

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