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Club Profiles: Handball

How to get involved in Handball at the University of York

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Image: UOY Handball Girls Team and 2015/16 President
Image: UOY Girls Handball Team and 2015/16 President

About the Sport:

Handball is an exciting, physical and fast-paced sport, with goals scored in competitive matches often reaching up to 40. With 7 players on each team, the aim is to use the hands to pass and bounce the ball, trying to throw it into the goal of the opposing team. Players can take 3 steps whilst holding the ball before they must pass or shoot for goal. The rules are easy to pick up and to follow, making handball fun for beginners and also a great spectator sport. The University of York Handball Club has both a Men's' and a Women's team.

When sessions are:

There are no official trials for the Handball club and we welcome players of all levels, including beginners. The club is inclusive and we aim for development for all players, whilst also building towards success in both friendly matches and against Lancaster in Roses, the sporting highlight of our year.

We run regular training sessions 3 times a week, on Wednesday evenings and Sunday and Monday afternoons.

Why you should give it a go:

Although handball is a young sport in this country, it is very popular in many other parts of Europe and is a phenomenon which is fast spreading around the world. If you caught any Olympic handball matches in Rio earlier this year you'll understand how exciting and addictive it is! Being fast and physical, it's a great sport for improving fitness, while playing as a team in a friendly club is a great way to socialise. We're a relaxed club and don't expect a lifetime commitment from coming to one training session, so show up and give handball a go!


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