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YUSU Officer Profiles: Roberto Alevar, International Students Officer

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What does your role entail?

Image: YUSU
Image: YUSU
As international officer my job is to run events and campaigns catered specifically towards international students, and to make sure that international students have a voice within the university.

What advice do you have for freshers?

Take part in as many activities as you can! Uni goes by fast and there are so many different opportunities at York, whether it's joining a society committee or becoming a course rep, or just joining lots of societies. There is so much variety and it all looks good on your cv, plus international students don't tend to partake in as many activities as home students. Do all the things!

What is your favourite thing about York?

I love the city and the people. And the rabbits.

When should people come to see you?

Always happy to see anyone, whether it's home or international students. We have coffee afternoons every Wednesday and all students are welcome (friendly people and free snacks!). If you have any ideas about events or campaigns (e.g. You want to organise an event for your home country's national holiday) feel free to contact me :) always excited to put on different events.

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