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YUSU Officer Profiles: Norb Gordon & Ella Parker, Environment & Ethics Officers

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Degrees: Politics with International Relations (Norb), Environmental Georgaphy (Ella)

Image: YUSU
Image: YUSU
What does your role entail?

We primarily aim to improve the University's environmental and ethical record. This includes encouraging the University to adopt ethical practices and make responsible investments. We also hope to inspire students to become more environmentally-minded through consciousness-raising events and campaigns.

What advice do you have for freshers?

To all incoming freshers; don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and get involved in something! Anything! (It doesn't even have to be environment-related; you're only a fresher once so make the most of it!).

What's your favourite thing about York?

We both agree that the best thing about York is how lovely it is to live here. The town is so quaint and picturesque and there's no shortage of things to do from the infamous York Dungeons to the peaceful Museum Gardens.

When should people come to see you?

Our network meetings are going to be every Fridays 6-7pm but we're happy to talk to anyone at anytime! We can be reached through our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/yusuenvironmentandethics) or by email at "Environment@yusu.org". We'll also be at Freshers Fair so feel free to come say hi and pick up one of our environmentally-friendly freebies!

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