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YUSU Officer Profiles: Mia Chaudhuri-Julyan & Lucy Robinson, Women's Officers

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Degrees: 3rd year English (Mia) & 3rd year Social and Political Sciences (Lucy)

Image: YUSU
Image: YUSU

What does your role entail?

Our role entails working with students, university staff, fellow officers and outside organisations to make the university a welcoming, safe and fun environment for everyone who identifies as a woman or non-binary person, in any way. We run campaigns, raise money, organise events, and much more.

What advice do you have for freshers?

Get involved in absolutely anything! It's such a cliche answer, but it's true. We wouldn't have met if we weren't both on the York Hornets Hip Hop squad (which you should all join!) so it really is true that you make some of your best friends through societies. Make sure you attend all your introductory course lectures too, as these are the ones that teach you the skills you'll need for the whole degree (like researching, how to use the library, etc.).

What's your favourite thing about York?

How homey it feels. Especially with us both coming from big cities (London and Sheffield) it's nice to be somewhere that feels smaller and less hectic, whilst still having everything you need.

When should people come to see you?

Our weekly meetings (open to self-defining woman and non-binary people) are Thursday's at 6:30pm, see our Facebook page (facebook.com/miaandlucy) for updates and rooms! Like us on Facebook to stay up to date with us and always feel free to email if you have any questions.

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