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YUSU Officer Profiles: Ellie Meagher & Hannah Higgs, Volunteering Officers

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Degrees: 3rd year Applied Social Sciences (Ellie) & 3rd year Psychology (Hannah)

What does your role entail?

Image: YUSU
Image: YUSU

We oversee Volunteering at York. York has 16 Student-led projects and also puts on one off volunteering events for those who have less time to spare.

What advice do you have for freshers?

Make sure you go to freshers fair. Its a great chance to sign to some amazing opportunities and meet lots of new friends..... and come and see our volunteering stall of course!

What is your favourite thing about York?

We love the college system and the idea of the STYCS: it makes settling in much easier, York city is also amazing so there is always plenty to do!

When should people come to see you?

Come and speak to us during freshers fair and meet our new mascot, Polly. We are also having our own volunteering and RAG fair on the 13th October. But we are always around so just email us volunteering@yusu.org if you have any questions!

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