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Image: Jon S
Image: Jon S

The University of York is one of the strongest universities for student media. Many societies have won numerous national awards, leading the university to be the Fleet Street of student media. Offering such a varied range of societies, there is something for everyone.

Bloggers Society (BlogSoc)
For students interested in an easy way of putting their writing, art or photography to a large audience online, BlogSoc host regular events and meetings to develop blogging and web skills.

Circulation Magazine
Circulation is the university's music magazine featuring up and coming artists. Published once a term, the magazine is written, illustrated and photographed by students. Dedicated to bringing music to students not just through print, but with accessible ways to listen to live music, Circulation also regularly invites musicians and DJs to their events every term.

Hard Magazine (HardZine)
Also published once a term, Hard Magazine is a fashion, art and culture magazine. Featuring interviews with emerging artists and innovative fashion shoots amongst their other cutting-edge content, their website is also regularly updated with exciting articles. Even if writing isn't your cup of tea, they are always in need of aspiring stylists, make up artists, photographers and models as they produce two fashion shoots per edition.

Lemon Press
The only satirical publication on campus, Lemon Press offers humorous commentary on campus, national and international news. Packed full of zesty quips, sarcastic satire and a sprinkling of self-deprecation, Lemon Press promises that no one is safe from their comical jabs.

Looking Glass Anthology
The Looking Glass Anthology is the university's annual creative writing anthology consisting of carefully curated poetry, short stories and plays from students. With weekly editorial meetings to discuss submissions to provide authors with feedback and to decide the anthology's content, members are able to critically foster their writing and gain publishing experience by proof reading, editing and marketing the book.

One of the most highly-respected and nationally-acclaimed student newspapers in the country, Nouse is also the oldest society on campus, having started in 1964. Produced entirely by students, Nouse provides you with an opportunity to experience journalism, whether it be in writing articles, editing, in print and online design, photography, illustration and fashion styling. Consisting of 13 sections, Nouse is the publication with the greatest variety of content on campus, with sections such as News, Sports, Politics, and Muse, our culture and lifestyle supplement which includes Arts, Fashion, Film, Music and gaming, just to name a few.

Photography Society (PhotoSoc)
PhotoSoc welcomes anyone with an interest in photography, regardless of experience or even if you just have an appreciation for the art. PhotoSoc have a studio and darkroom for members to practice photography and developing film, and have equipment for hire to members. Holding workshops, training catered to both film and digital photography at all levels and trips to exhibitions, PhotoSoc helps you hone your craft and develop your photography skills.

University Radio York (URY)
URY is the oldest independent radio station in the UK, boasting round the clock broadcasting during term time. Whether you want to host a show yourself or with a co-presenter, URY has a diversity of teams that deal with different content and also gives you an opportunity to be engaged with the production process.

York Student Cinema (YSC)
Running an on campus cinema with three showings a week across 30 university weeks, the society shows the latest films, often coinciding with the release of films in main cinemas. YSC also hosts socials in conjunction with other societies, film quizzes and poster sales.

York Student Television (YSTV)
YSTV produces and broadcasts both live and on-demand on their website. Filming events, short reports or even student films with their fully-equipped TV studio, the society is engaged with a wide range of genres. YSTV covers large campus events such as Elections and Battle of the Bands, setting up an on-site TV studios to broadcast live.

York Vision
Publishing regularly both online and in print, Vision is the university's tabloid newspaper. Dedicated to making the latest campus news accessible to students, the paper offers a dynamic and exciting array of content for readers, winning several awards for their impressive news coverage.

The Zahir is a termly politics, culture and arts magazine that strives to be unconventional. With its interesting assortment of content, consisting of politics, arts, music, film and literature, the society tries offer a unique perspective on these areas.

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Leborah Dam Posted on Sunday 13 Sep 2015

"One of the most highly-respected and nationally-acclaimed student newspapers in the country," you fail to mention how York Vision IS the most nationally acclaimed and awarded student newspaper. Sad to see the sNousers stooping to this level of 'journalism'.




John Deere Posted on Monday 14 Sep 2015

Perhaps you should go to their extensive Freshers' mini-site and read their Societies Guides instead. Oh, wait


Leborah Dam Posted on Monday 14 Sep 2015

Let's be honest, Nouse is basically an information brochure, very useful but intensely dull.