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Club Profiles: Women's Rugby

How to get involved in Women's Rugby at the University of York

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Image: James Hostford
Image: James Hostford

About the sport:

Rugby union is a contact team sport played between two teams of 15 players. It is a game of evasion, where points are scored by the attacking team running the ball in hand up the pitch - passing backwards and kicking to reach the try line, and the defensive team tackling the ball carriers in an attempt to gain possession of the ball. 5 points are awarded for a try and a subsequent conversion kick scores 2 points. 3 points can also be awarded for either a penalty kick or a drop goal. Each game last 80 minutes in total.

When trials are:

The women's rugby club doesn't run trials as we are open to anybody who wants to play, regardless of ability or experience. We will run a taster session during Freshers Week for anybody who wants to give it a go with no obligation to sign up at that point.

Can beginners get involved?

We encourage even complete beginners to come along to our normal training as this is the best way to learn, however we will also be running Sportivate sessions once a week throughout first and second term for those that aren't yet confident to attend usual training. These sessions will be dedicated to less experienced individuals, answering any questions and explaining the rules of the game thoroughly in an non-intimidating and relaxed environment.

Why you should give it a go:

The Women's Rugby Club is an inclusive and welcoming club that prides itself on the diversity of its members. We train competitively to become successful athletes and win games, but we also make time for amazing socials where we can unwind and make strong friendships off the pitch. You don't need any prior experience playing rugby to join us and we have had numerous successes training girls that have never played before into talented players. So if you fancy trying something different, come along to a training session to see what we're about. We promise once you start, you'll never look back.

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