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Club Profiles: VX

How to get involved with VX at the University of York

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Image: UoY VX Club
Image: UoY VX Club

About the sport:

Firstly, our sport is called VX. Essentially it's a mixture of lacrosse and dodge ball where players use a VstiX (like a double ended lacrosse stick) to launch low impact tennis balls at opposing players for points. Hitting an opponent with the ball gets points, missing doesn't. Quite simple. Its a non-contact sport where men and women compete on a level playing field either on mixed teams or against each other. We train in two format V2, which is 1V1 in a squash court, and V10 which is 5v5 in a sports hall. There is more than one ball in play so it is fast and tiring.

When trials are:

We don't hold try outs for our club/team. We are a very inclusive sport and want everyone to be able to come and give it a go and join at any point in the year. Everyone gets their first two sessions completely FREE of charge. Anyone can turn up to our weekly club sessions to try it out.

Can beginners get involved?

Our club sessions cater for all abilities ranging from complete beginners to world ranked players. As the founder of the club, I have a strong emphasis on differentiation within the sessions to allow for everyone to be catered for. As a club we don't mind setting up extra sessions for those that think the weekly club sessions is too much for them, so we really do want everyone who plays to be comfortable and enjoy the sport. The best way to get a feel for us is through our website most of our information is on there.

Why you should give it a go:

People should choose our sport because it's fun, quirky, has a great club bond and builds fitness quickly without even realising it.

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