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Club Profiles: Ultimate Frisbee

How to get involved in Ultimate Frisbee at the University of York

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Image: Lily Grant
Image: Lily Grant

About the sport:

It's an exciting and inclusive mixed team sport. It is fast paced and dynamic. The games are hard fought but as it is a self regulated game discipline as well as good spirit is a very important aspect to it. The aim of the game is to pass the disc between your team mates in order to get to the strip of the ground (end-zone) at the other end of the pitch to score a point and prevent the other team doing the same in your end zone. Players must pass without moving while in possession of the disc, you also have to mark an opposing player and try to intercept the disc while on defense.

When trials are:

We don't run tryouts for teams as such, its a very inclusive sport and anyone can make it in to the teams if they are good enough, we have very competitive first teams, but have other teams and training sessions aimed at player development. We run regular Wednesday afternoon training sessions on 22 acres open to anyone of any level.

Can beginners get involved?

It's a great sport for beginners to get involved with, the rules are easy to explain and a fun match can be enjoyed from the first training session. Players quickly learn how to throw and catch the disc and that's really the core of the game from which you build other skills to play the game more competitively if you so wish.

Why you should give it a go:

Ultimate is self-officiated creating a friendly and good spirited atmosphere within the community both on and off the pitch. It's one of the few sports which offers both Men's, Women's and Mixed teams which can be enjoyed at both a beginner/social and advanced/competitive level. We get to travel up and down the country to tournaments, and are going to be BUCS sport this coming year!

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