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Club Profiles: Squash

How to get involved with Squash at the University of York

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Image: Petroc Taylor
Image: Petroc Taylor

About the sport:

Whether you're looking to burn off the inevitable takeaways and alcohol of Freshers' Week or simply want to meet some new people whilst learning a new sport, then come on down and meet us at Freshers Fair! Squash is one of the most fast-paced, energetic sports going, burning more calories per minute than any other sport. It's also incredibly social, as warm-up games and training can involve large groups - you can meet and play various people in a short space of time. For those looking to play competitively, we enter three teams - two men's and one women's - in BUCS leagues and cups and two men's and two women's teams in a Local League.

When trials are:

So far, the trials are planned to take place on the weekend of 10th/11th October but this is subject to change so keep checking our Facebook and Twitter pages as they will be updated as soon as we know full details. To come to trials, sign up with your name and email at Freshers' Fair or email us at

Can beginners get involved?

Of course! We plan to run club sessions, open to all members of the club. Our coach will be attending many of these open sessions so definitely join us and come along to make the most of him! These sessions are separate from team training, so don't worry about feeling intimidated or nervous, we all started somewhere and team members will be happy to help you out with technique and advice!

Why you should give it a go:

If you're looking to take up something new and easy on your brain after a day of lectures, then squash is definitely worth a try. Or, for a fun way of getting fit, the fast paced game of squash is a sure-fire way of doing so! Very few sports are easier to pick up than squash, so you can feel comfortable and confident in no time. If you're interested in joining a team to play in BUCS, we're very excited to meet you and work with you in continuing our success.

Take a look at our website for more information: and follow our Facebook and Twitter pages. Our Facebook page has an FAQ document for any further questions, but feel free to email us with any questions!

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