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Club Profiles: Rowing

How to get involved with Rowing at the University of York

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Rowing - BUCS Regatta Senior Men's

About the sport:

We are the boat club, rowing in a range of boats from 8's to singles and catering for those of all abilities. Our boathouse is situated in Fulford, along the Ouse, and a 15 minute cycle from Heslington West. We also have training on land done as a squad, including ergos and weights.

When trials are:

After signing up at Freshers' fair, you will be invited to a number of trial sessions through first semester. These will teach you how to row and get you out on the Ouse so you can begin to understand the sport and why we are the biggest club on campus! We will also be holding technique sessions and circuits on land in order to further help with your development in the sport. For those with rowing experience there is the option to enter straight into the senior squads, please email if you wish to do this.

Can beginners get involved?

Yes! Most of our members had never been in a boat before coming to York, we have a group of seniors dedicated to coaching novices through their first sessions in the boats. Come and say hi at freshers fair and you can join our novice squad! There will be a meeting in the second week of term to give beginners more of an understanding to how the sport and the club works, with the decision being made then about whether they want to give it a go!

Why you should give it a go:

The boat club is one of the biggest sports clubs on campus, and is a fantastic way to meet new people while enjoying the gorgeous surroundings in York. As well as the social side, we compete at a number of national and international level meets throughout the year, including Henley Women's and Henley Royal Regatta at the end of the academic year. We have a growing performance base in York, with one of our members aiming for U23 world champ selection next summer, and she only began rowing at uni! The performance and social aspects combined make the club extremely enjoyable to be a part of, and creates a family away from home.



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