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Club Profiles: Floorball

How to get involved with Floorball at the University of York

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About the sport:

Floorball is a sport very similar to ice hockey, where two teams of six players (including a goalkeeper) compete to score more goals than the other team. Unlike ice hockey, however, players are running on the floor (instead of skating in the ice) and use a small plastic ball instead of a puck. We strongly encourage people of all experiences to join us, most of the people joining haven't even heard of floorball before.

When trials are:

Anyone interested on joining the team (or simply playing with us for fun) should come along for our training sessions and we will be picking a team from there.

Why you should give it a go:

Floorball was a swedish invention specifically designed to keep ice hockey players on their top physical condition it will keep you in shape and greatly increase your endurance, not to mention that is a lot of fun!

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Csorba Posted on Wednesday 26 Feb 2020

I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enalntlhirg!


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