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Club Profiles: Barbell

How to get involved with the Barbell Club at the University of York

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Image: Jurgen Spiess
Image: Jurgen Spiess

About the sport:

The University of York Barbell Club is comprised of two sports, Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting, where the former consists of two disciplines, the 'snatch' and the 'clean & jerk', and the latter consists of three disciplines, the 'squat', the 'bench press' and the 'deadlift'.


Can beginners get involved?

The sports club is completely open for anyone to join, regardless of their level of ability, where members can take part in weekly group training and coached sessions which are held during term time at the York Sport Centre gym.

Why you should give it a go:

There are numerous benefits to getting involved in the strength sports offered by the club, whether it be to simply increase activity, improve body composition and learn a new skill, or to pursue the sports competitively at a local or national level. In addition, the improvements in strength, speed and power from taking part in these sports are also transferable to a wide range of other sports.

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