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Club Profiles: American Football

How to get involved with American Football at the University of York

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Image: Alex Byron
Image: Alex Byron

About the sport:

In it's simplest terms the game is basically 11 men to move a egg shaped ball from one side of the field to the other, with 11 other men trying to stop them. We have different sets of players, players designated to stop the other team scoring, and players designated to score themselves. You get 4 attempts to try move the ball downfield 10 yards, if you keep succeeding you eventually 6 points for a touchdown, and 1 more for converting a short field goal after it.

When trials are:

We are always recruiting for new athletes to come and take part, and encourage all those interested to try and give it ago. We host two official tryouts, one just after freshers week, and another just after christmas. If successful we call you back to come and train with us. If you happen to miss the tryouts just send an email to and we'll send you the details of out training sessions.

Can beginners get involved?

Essentially most of the team were when they started university were total beginners, all of whom would've attended one of our tryouts and got invited back to join the team. No prior experience is needed and there are no kit costs, and all that is needed is enthusiasm and some athleticism.

Why you should give it a go:

Why choose us? No other sport quite like us to be completely honest, we're welcoming like no other team on campus, and you'd be joining a brotherhood who has fun not just on the pitch but off it too!



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Richard Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

Interesting statistics there!However, in this pulcitarar case, I don't think it had anything to do with this chap being a fresher. I believe it was more a bad recruitment that I had ended up with. Off course, the limitation that I had was that I needed 4 people very badly and only 3 out of an universe of 150 were ready to join! Moreover, like you mentioned, finding experienced candidates was impossible. I had spent about 4 months prior to this looking for experienced candidates!