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Club Profiles: Hockey

How to get involved in Hockey at the University of York

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Image: James Hostford
Image: James Hostford

About the Sport:

Hi, I'm Callum, UYHC's 'Media and Marketing Officer'. If you don't know what hockey is think of it as football with sticks. Just make sure you don't use your feet.

Can beginners get involved?

All abilities are welcome at the club. Watching our current male President lumbering his way around the astro is certainly testament to this. My tackling technique is also that of a total beginner, so never you worry. If you're undecided about joining or nervous about trials, we're holding a Give It A Go session on Friday 2nd October 3-4pm. We'll have plenty of sticks to lend you so don't fret. We also have a very successful college hockey program at the University which we can help you integrate into to make sure you keep progressing and enjoying hockey at the right level for you.

Why should give it a go:

With over 100 members filling three men's and three ladies' teams, UYHC is one of the largest sports clubs at the University of York. We play in the Wednesday BUCS league as well as the local Yorkshire Hockey league on weekends and have the most fixtures out of any club on campus. The club has a strong presence both on and off the pitch, from our annual clash with Lancaster at Roses, to weekly socials across York's finest establishments. UYHC is a very close-knit community and by joining us you'll not just make some great friends, but some great memories

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