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How to get involved with Boxing at the University of York

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About the club:

The University of York Boxing Club could well be the most inclusive club on campus. We cater for individuals who need a little more motivation to get in to sport and improve their fitness as well as those with previous experience keen to compete this year. Boxing attracts a huge range of people who are looking to try a challenging but rewarding sport, get fit and make friends. Prepare to get sweaty and work harder than you ever have. Expect quality coaching and plenty of opportunities to compete.

When trials are:

We don't hold trials and you don't need to have any experience to join the club. We welcome all individuals, no matter what their experience or fitness level. We love welcoming and teaching as many newbies as possible every year so bring your friends and flat mates to get fit and have fun.

Why you should give it a go:

Boxing fitness is some of the hardest fitness around.
You know that post workout pain? The pain that tells you you're going in the right direction, that you've worked hard and really achieved something? Well that's the pain you'll feel after every boxing session. We will push you hard and you will see your fitness and your boxing technique improve rapidly. We won't ever ask you to do something you're not comfortable with. We will never ask you to box at a level you aren't ready for, many people come along for fitness benefits and we encourage and support this as much as those who want to get in the ring. If you hadn't already got the message we really do welcome anyone and everyone. We're a really friendly club that doesn't just operate in session times: join us on our Wednesday Salvo socials or, if you prefer something a little quieter try our sober film nights.

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