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Club Profiles: Trampolining

How to get involved in Trampolining at the University of York

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Image: UOY Trampolining
Image: UOY Trampolining

About the Sport:

In theory, trampolining is quite simple; you jump up and down on a piece of canvas attached to some springs, occasionally doing a skill in the air. This makes it very easy to pick up the basics, but once you get onto the higher level moves it becomes much more advanced. For instance, Team GB's first ever trampolinist to win a medal, Bryony Page (who has competed at the same competitions that we attend!), performed a routine comprised of double and triple somersaults to win silver in Rio. When we compete, we perform two, 10 move, routines and get marked on difficulty and execution (how nice it looks) by five judges.

When sessions are held:

Our sessions start on 4/10, and are every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, 6pm til 8pm. We don't have trials, anyone who wants to compete can do so since there are 6 levels of difficulty, ranging from Novice to Uber. We have 6 competitions through the year including one in Ireland, and also Roses (our uni-wide varsity event with Lancaster).

Can beginners get involved?

Of course! Many freshers that join us have never been on a trampoline before, or maybe have had only a few bounces on their friend's garden trampoline. Our coaches are happy to teach you all the basics and you can quite quickly find yourself progressing to more complex moves like somersaults!

Why should you try this sport?

Who wouldn't want to fly through the air doing all manner of tricks and twists?! But really, trampolining is not only a fun activity to do to relax after lectures but it also keeps you super fit. Trampolining is three times better at burning calories than running; that means that bouncing for 10 minutes is equivalent to a 30 minute run! As well as this, you don't need any special kit to jump. All you need to wear is comfy clothing, and this even extends to the lower levels of competitions as well. Oh and our socials are amazing! In addition to our weekly nights out, we also have competition socials in different cities with all the other clubs we compete against.

If you want any more info about the club or the sport, you can join our Facebook group:

Ask any questions you might have, and one of our committee will be happy to answer them.

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