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Club Profiles: Futsal

How to get involved with Futsal at the University of York

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Image: James Hostford
Image: James Hostford

About the sport/club...

Futsal is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK but was originally developed in Brazil. It is a fast paced technical game with 5 players on each side which helps to improve movement, touch and vision. It is seen as key in the development of many Spanish and South American football players (such as Ronaldinho, Neymar and Lionel Messi among others.) Played inside on a hard surfaced pitch and with a ball heavier than a regular football, Futsal is perfect for creative and technically-astute players.

When are trials?

Trials for the University team and the opportunity to get involved in this exciting sport will be held on the 4th October. It is not a requirement to have played Futsal before but while players of all abilities are encouraged to come along to this session, a session for total beginners is also available on the 10th October (as part of the 'Give it a Go' initiative of York Sport).

Can beginners get involved?

The Futsal club is the most successful team in the University when competing in BUCS, reaching the quarter finals the University championship last year, and offers the opportunity to play at a national level against some of the country's top clubs, with the Club having played in the FA Super League last year.

The club has been recognised for its excellence through winning notable YUSU awards in the last three years with coach Junior Roberti gaining personal accolades for his contributions to the club. The club's ambition can also be seen through their recent expansion, with the creation of a Men's Development Squad and Ladies Second Team an important step towards accommodating even more players for this coming season and signalling the club's wider ambitions for success.

Why should you try this sport?

For your chance to compete at the highest level the University has to offer, to play in a squad that is determined to eclipse the achievements of recent seasons and to try this fast-growing and thrilling game, get involved with the team by attending the trials, liking the Facebook page ( or visiting the website!

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Silina Posted on Tuesday 13 Oct 2015

My English is at least as good as yours How much are you paying, how many hours to you reuqrie, and can I work from home?I think a lot of your comments apply to the UK as well. For example; no-one here can speak, understand, write or type English with anything beyond a rudimentary level of ability, and it's supposed to be our first language for most of us. Also, many of us don't work in jobs for reasons of enjoyment or interest. I certainly don't.