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How to get involved with Fencing at the University of York

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Image: UOY Fencing club
Image: UOY Fencing club

About the Club:

We run a diverse range of events for club members, including regular training sessions, BUCS tournaments, and our new friendly tournaments. Club sessions are weekly, on Mondays 8 - 10 pm in the tent, Tuesdays 8 - 10 pm in the main hall, and Fridays 7:30 - 10 pm in the tent. Additionally, we will be offering beginner or 'taster' sessions at the start of term, so be sure to check out our website or Facebook page for updates on the dates of these! This upcoming year is also set to be an exciting time for beginners, as we are introducing a series of friendly tournaments with the fencing clubs at Leeds and Durham! This offers fencers who are not competing on the varsity team a chance to sample competitive fencing and to find a balance within the club that suits their needs.

When Trials are:

Our varsity competitive team is comprised of a Men's First and Second team, and a Women's First. We do not typically run trials for teams, as we encourage club members to apply to the team based upon their availability and pending committee approval. However, if there are a surplus of applicants for a BUCS tournament, we will schedule a trial accordingly. Tournaments are both home and away, with away games typically involving commitment of a full Wednesday.

Why you should give it a go:

Fencing is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in a sport that is both physically and mentally engaging. Referred to informally as 'physical chess', fencers not only rely upon their athletic ability but also upon their intuition in order to understand and anticipate their opponent's attacks. Here at York, we pride ourselves on allowing everyone interested to partake in this sport, by having a club that is fully mixed ability. Training sessions are regularly attended by both experienced and inexperienced fencers of all three sword disciplines, and we are working toward accommodating wheelchair fencing over the coming year!

Should fencers opt for competitions, they are encouraged to select their favoured weapon (foil, epee, or sabre) and the club can provide any of the kit the fencer does not personally own. These guidelines apply similarly to friendly competitions so be sure to check out our website, Facebook page (@University of York Fencing Club), or email us at for additional information!

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